Services of Ashes No Flashes Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning

All Types of Chimney’s
Wood burning.
Boiler and furnace flues.

Inspection, Safety Evaluation and Cleaning

Tarps placed in front of fireplace while cleaning.
Cleaning with brushes.
Special vacuum collects all dust or debris.
Guaranteed no mess in your home.
21 point safety evaluation check list.
Written report.
On time service appointments.

Fireplace Repairs

Safety violations corrected
Gas Logs
    Sales and installation.
    Vented and Ventless.
Gas Lines Installed
Fire Box Repaired or Replaced

Chimney Repairs

Safety violations corrected
Chimney Relining.
    Stainless steel liners.
    Aluminum liners.
Chimney Caps
All types fireplace or furnace flues.
    Stainless steel.
    Custom Caps.
Damper Replacement and Repair
Crown Replacement and Repair
Chimney Installed


Safety Violations Corrected
Brick Replacement and Repair

Dryer Vent Services

Nest and Blockage Removal
Repair or Re-venting
Hood Replacement
Screens Installed

New Fireplace Installations

We install new fireplaces or wood stoves.